Parish Burial Ground

Cemetery Regulations

The management if the Parish burial ground is performed by the Parish Clerk on behalf of the Parish Council in accordance with the  Cemetery Regulations.

Burial Ground Fees

Part 1 – Interments

Interments  Residents  Non-Residents
Child under 1 year  £0  £15
Child 1 year to 11 years  £15  £30
Child 12 years to 16 years  £50  £100
Person over 16 years  £90  £180
Cremated remains  £45  £90

Part 2 – Exclusive Rights of Burial for 75 Years

Exclusive Rights of Burial for 75 Years Residents Non-Residents
Single grave 9ft x 4ft x 6ft £125 £250
Double grave 9ft x 4ft x 9ft £165 £325
Adult cremated remains £75 £155

The fees in Part 2 are in addition to the fees mentioned in Part 1 above.

EXAMPLE:  An interment of a person (resident) over 16 yrs, the total fee would be £215.  These fees do not include grave digging; the funeral director will arrange for a grave to be dug.

Part 3 – Interment in Pre-Purchased Plots

Interment in Pre-Purchased Plats Residents Non-Residents
Burial interment £100 £200
Cremated remains £50 £95

RESIDENTS: The fees apply where the person to be interred or in respect of whom the Exclusive Rights of Burial has been granted is, or no longer than five years immediately before his/her death, is an inhabitant or parishioner of the parish of Buckhorn Weston or Kington Magna, or in the case of a stillborn child, at least one of the parents must be classed as a resident or parishioner.

NON-RESIDENTS: A non-resident or non-parishioner will only be buried in the Parish Burial Ground if the fees and the Exclusive Rights of Burial are purchased at the rate indicated for a non-resident. The term “non-resident” is someone who has not lived in the parish of Buckhorn Weston or Kington Magna for the last five years.

Part 4 – Monuments, Gravestones & Inscriptions

These are only permitted when the Exclusive Rights have been purchased.  The fees below apply to residents and non-residents.

Monuments, Gravestones & Inscriptions For the right to erect the following on a grave:
For a burial plot. A headstone not exceeding 2.6” high (landing; min size 900mm or 3ft in length, 2ft width with ground anchor requirement: NAMM approved*) Gravestone £80
For an ashes plot. A flat tablet not exceeding 18” x 12” max and fixed as per NAMM* requirements Askes Tablet £45
An additional inscription for a burial plot £30
An additional inspection for an ashes plot £25

* The National Association of Memorial Masons is an organisation dedicated to furthering the memorial masonry industry and safeguarding the interests of the bereaved through the promotion of high standards, wide choice and increased understanding in all matters relating to natural stone memorials (

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