Financial Governance

Good governance, accountability and transparency are essential to local councils.

The Parish Council in it’s own small way is responsible for the conduct of public business and for spending public money and are accountable for ensuring that public business is conducted in accordance with the law and applicable proper practices. We must also ensure that public money is safeguarded, properly accounted for and used economically, efficiently and effectively.

In discharging this accountability, the Parish Council is required to make proper arrangements for the governance of our affairs and the stewardship of the resources in our care. We are also required to report on these arrangements in an Annual Governance Statement.

As a safeguard to the proper discharge of this accountability, the Parish Council employs an internal auditor to provide oversight and is required to allow external auditors in the public sector to give view our accounts and provide an independent opinion on the Parish Council’s financial statements.

The parish Council is committed to openness and transparency in its business and finances and publishes the following information:

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