First Aid

Buckhorn Westion Village Community Trust (BWVCT) raised the funding and manage an AED defibrillator for emergency use.


The BWVCT defibrillator is installed in a heated and alarmed cabinet on the front wall of The White House, next door to the Stapleton Arms.   The cabinet is NOT locked.


A defibrillator can save lives if used as soon as possible after a heart has stopped beating on its own – full instructions on its use are given as soon as the defibrillator is switched on.   Just open the door and take the Defibrillator in its case to the casualty.  You do not need training to use it.

The BWVCT will be responsible for stopping the alarm and resetting the Defibrillator after it has been returned.  We hope you never need to use the BWVCT Defibrillator but it is there if needed.  Please ask if you need further advice on the use of a defibrillator.

You can also get a list of Community First Aiders by contacting Vicky Moore here.