Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Click on the icons below to get copies of the Parish Council meeting minutes. Please contact the Parish Clerk if you can’t find what you are looking for.

2020Jan 2020Mar 2020CancelledJul 2020TBATBA
2019Jan 2019Mar 2019May 2019Jul 2019Sept 2019Nov 2019
2018Jan 2018Mar 2018May 2018Jul 2018Sept 2018Nov 2018
2017Jan 2017Mar 2017May 2017Jul 2017Sept 2017Nov 2017
2016Jan 2016Mar 2016May 2016Jul 2016Sept 2016Nov 2016
2015Jan 2015Mar 2015May 2015Jul 2015Sept 2015Nov 2015
2014Jan 2014Mar 2014May 2014Jul 2014Sept 2014Nov 2014
2013Jan 2013Mar 2013May 2013Jul 2013Sept 2013Nov 2013
2012Jan 2012Mar 2012May 2012Jul 2012Sept 2012Nov 2012
2011Jan 2011Mar 2011May 2011Jun 2011Sept 2011Nov 2011

TBA = To Be Added

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes

YearBuckhorn WestonKington Magna
2020BW APM 2020TBA
2019BW APM 2019KM APM 2019
2018BW APM 2018KM APM 2018
2017BW APM 2017KM APM 2017
2016BW APM 2016KM APM 2016
2015BW APM 2015KM APM 2015

TBA = To Be Added