Orders, Regulations Procedures

On this page you can find all of the orders and procedures that defines how the Parish Council conducts its business.

General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply from 25 May 2018, when it supersedes the UK Data Protection Act 1998. Significant and wide-reaching in scope, the new law brings a 21st century approach to data protection. It expands the rights of individuals to control how their personal data is collected and processed, and places a range of new obligations on organisations to be more accountable for data protection.

Accordingly, the Parish Council has established policies and procedures to conform to the regulations which are laid out in the Privacy Policy, the Resident Privacy Notice, the Councillor Staff Role Holders Privacy Notice and the Data Breach Policy.

Please have a read so you understand where you stand when dealing with the Parish Council.

Standing Orders

Standing Orders are the written rules of the Parish Council. They are used to confirm a Council’s internal organisational, administrative and procurement procedures and procedural matters for meetings. They are not the same as the policies of a Council but they may refer to them. A Parish Council must have standing orders for the procurement of contracts.

Meetings of the Full Council, Councillors, the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) and Proper Officer (Parish Clerk) are subject to many statutory requirements. A Council should have standing orders to confirm those statutory requirements. A Council should also have standing orders to control the number, place, quorum, notices and other procedures for committee and sub-committee meetings because these are subject to fewer statutory requirements. Buckhorn Weston & Kington Magna Parish Council has adopted and published its Standing Orders and a subsequent Addendum to the Standing Orders that define changes to the operating procedures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Code of Conduct

Pursuant to section 27 of the Localism Act 2011, the Parish Council has adopted a Code of Conduct to promote and maintain high standards of behaviour by its members whenever they conduct the business of the Council including the business of the office to which they were elected or appointed or when they claim to act or give the impression of acting as a representative of the Council.

Complaints regarding the conduct of Council members are dealt with in accordance with the Complaints Procedures.

This Code of Conduct is based on the principles of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty, and leadership.

Financial Regulations

The Parish Council is responsible for the conduct of public business and for spending public money and is accountable for ensuring that public business is conducted in accordance with the law and applicable proper practices. They must also ensure that public money is safeguarded, properly accounted for and used economically, efficiently and effectively.

In discharging this accountability, the Parish Council has adopted Financial Regulations that define the proper arrangements for the governance of their affairs and the stewardship of the resources in their care in .

Future Planning Procedures

North Dorset District Council (NDDC) is the decision-making authority for
planning applications originating in Buckhorn Weston & Kington Magna. Whilst Buckhorn Weston & Kington Magna Parish Council cannot decide on applications, it is given the opportunity to provide comments and observations to the Planning Officer and to the Planning Committee of NDDC. Parish Council inputs are taken into account, as are individual submissions and those of the Highways Department in the deliberations of the Planning Committee.

Because the impact of planning applications on the community and individuals can be great, it is important that the Parish Council reviews all applications in accordance with the Future Planning Procedures.

Playground Procedures

As a duty of care exists regarding the safety for the play area in Kington Magna, the Parish Council has drafted and adopted a set of Play Area Procedures to ensure that the play area remains a safe and enjoyable amenity.

Cemetery Regulations

The Parish Council is responsible for the Parish Cemetery. Accordingly, a set of Cemetery Regulations Adopted May 2015 has been developed to govern its operation. In addition, the Parish Council has adopted and amendment to the Burial Services as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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