Pecuniary Interest Forms

Registering Interests

Members of the Parish Council are required to declare their personal and pecuniary interests, and any interests that might be seen as prejudicing their decision-making. As well as the elected councillors, this definition includes people who have been co-opted onto a Committee of the Council.

Interests need to be declared in relation to:

  • Any employment, office, trade, profession or vocation carried on for profit or gain
  • Sponsorships received
  • Contracts between them and the council, or contracts with companies they are involved in
  • Land in the area of the parish they own or control or have an interest in
  • Licences to occupy land in the parish
  • Corporate tenancies where the council is the landlord
  • Securities, significant shareholdings worth more than £25,000
  • Bodies to which they are appointed or nominated by the council
  • Interests in charities, societies and other bodies
  • Gifts and hospitality received in excess of £100 in value

Declaring Interests in Meetings

In addition to registering interests, councillors are required to declare interests at Council and committee meetings, that they attend as members, where they relate to an item of business for that meeting.

Where the interest declared is a personal one it is noted and the councillor can take part in the meeting. Where the interest declared is a pecuniary or prejudicial one they must leave the meeting, while that item of business is dealt with, so there can be no suggestion they were able to influence any decisions made in the meeting.

Any interests declared at the meeting are recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

Disclosable Pecuniary Interest Forms

Below are the completed Pecuniary Interest Forms for the Buckhorn Weston and Kington Magna Parish Councillors in alphabetical order by surname.

Cllr Kevin Aldred

Cllr Phillippa Chapman

Cllr Roger Gosney

Cllr Anna Grant

Cllr Matthew Hoskins

Cllr Linda Munster

Cllr Tom Riall

Cllr Fred Shotter

Cllr Simon Stranger

Cllr Tim Wilton

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